Front End Developer

October was a bit less productive than other months. I finished the last task from the first module at the course. I achieved their first new certificate finally. In my side project, I added icons, basic CSS and new attributes to a task.

In September I made two projects for the freeCodeCamp course: Build a Product Landing Page and Build a Technical Documentation Page. I also worked at my side project "Simple Task Planner" and added very basic functions like add and delete task and change status. I still rebuilding this website. I worked with C++ by adding input limits to calcdays program and started a new project. The filenc program written in C++ can open the text file and encrypt the content by using a simple ROT13 cipher.

In July I was back to the new version of the freeCodeCamp course and I finished all tasks from Responsive Web Design Certification module. This module has five mini projects which are required to achieve the certificate. I refactored the code of the first project which I made before. In August I made the second project and started build the third project. These projects are available to watch at my Codepen. I also started rebuilding my portfolio page and made two small programs in C++.